Best MyoBrain Articles of 2015

We have posted 21 articles thus far in 2015. We've covered a variety of topics that include strength training periodization, the Paleo diet, meditation, myelin and iced coffee. I've gathered the top five most popular articles. Thanks for reading. Enjoy if these are new, fresh your MyoBrain if you've read them before.  

1. Periodization Part One and Part Two

18,342 and 14,122 page views

2. What's So Wrong With CrossFit? Part Three: Paleo Diet

13,213 page views

3. Intro To Stress - Stress is Stress

12,442 page views

4. Autoregulate Better Part 1 and Part Two

11,433  and 9,401 page views

5. What Are Macronutrients?

7,549 page views