MyoBrain Supplement Guide

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MyoBrain Supplement Guide


Chapter 1 / Context & Industry Lies – When to know you’re ready to take supplements. Dirty secrets about the supplement industry and how to outsmart them. 

Chapter 2 / Supplement Essentials – I discuss the supplements I recommend to all athletes once they have their nutrition in line. You’ll learn how each supplement works, how much to take, when to take them and even which companies I recommend. At the completion of each supplement research is cited. 

Chapter 3 / Conditionally Effective – These are the supplements that aren’t appropriate for all athletes and may only be needed during certain times of the year. Once again, you’ll learn when and when not to use them, how they work, how much to take and from which companies you should buy.  

Chapter 4 / Dream Chasers – This is where the supplement companies make their money. They hope you haven’t done your homework so they can sell you crap products with no research backing them. Loud bark, but no bite. You’ll learn would supplements are a waste of time and money.

Chapter 5 / Last Word - A review of the three meaty chapters, as well as supplement protocol case studies for bodybuilders, powerlifters, runners (distance and sprints), throwers and mixed athletes such as soccer, football and baseball. 

*Also includes three different custom pre-workout drink mixes based on your goals and budget.

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