HyperStrong + Flexible Dieting

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HyperStrong + Flexible Dieting


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The Total Fitness Package for Strength, Muscle Gain & Fat Loss. Leave no stone unturned with your knowledge. 

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HyperStrong: The Hybrid Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Training Program

You're stuck between two worlds. You enjoy the self-fulfilment of heavy squats, but can't help loving the intense pump from arm curls. You smile big after a personal best 1-rep-max in the deadlift, but equally enjoy showing-off a fully developed muscular back. 

Most fitness people care about BEING STRONG and LOOKING JACKED - the problem is that most programs are suited for only one of those goals. We set out to fill that gap. 

The details:

*An 8 week program focused on increasing strength in the squat, bench and deadlift while simultaneously  building full-body hypertrophy. 

Two programs will be included. The first a "freestyle" method in which the squat, bench and deadlift work will be laid out for you, but you'll be given the freedom to pick certain assistance lifts and their volume. If this is too mental work, no problem, we also have the "fixed" program in which every exercise, set and rep is laid out for you. 

*40 pages of text explaining the methods of the program.

Topics covered include:

DUP and Linear Periodization

Auto-Regulation & RPE  

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Mechanisms of Hypertrophy

Consolidator of Stressors

Cardio & Nutrition while on the program

Meditation and breathing drills


Flexible Dieting: The Book I Wish I Had

Chapter 1 / Introduction – My motivations behind the project, why context is so important and flexible dieting principles.

Chapter 2 / Energy Balance – Learn the truth about metabolism, how energy in vs energy out sets the table for everything else. Examining research that shows our bodies do not see good vs bad foods. It’s about energy value and nutrients.

Chapter 3 / Macronutrients & Alcohol – An in depth look at the physiological role of fat, carbohydrate, protein and fiber. Also, how to fit alcohol into a flexible diet.

Chapter 4 / Micronutrients – Looking at the basic functions vitamins and minerals have in our bodies. Which ones tend to be deficient, if a multivitamin is really necessary and when it’s crucial to obtain micronutrients.

Chapter 5 / Flexible Dieting Tracking & Troubleshooting - How to set up goal calories and macronutrients based on your personal goals. Most importantly, learn how to make adjustments when progress slows. *I personally feel like this is the best part of the book, as nearly anyone can get you started, but you must know how to adjust.

Chapter 6 / Mindful Eating – Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or improved athletic performance I provide several strategies for learning how to flexible diet without tracking a single calorie.

Chapter 7 / IIFYM & Clean Eating - Examining what is wrong with both diets and how flexible dieting provides a better alternative.

Chapter 8 / Why Flexible Diet? - Comparing flexible dieting to other choices and examining why I think it’s the best. 

Chapter 9 / Tracking Food Basics - If you’re a rookie flexible dieter, this will be crucial. I walk you through the simple, yet critical parts of how to weigh different foods, how to track and other frequently asked questions.