Eating Out Guides - Brunch Edition

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MyoBrain Picks

Greg - Omelette stuffed with vegetables and one meat choice + small amount of dessert. I love brunch desserts, so I’ll aim to keep my normal meal healthy-ish in order to have a small amount of dessert like fancy pancakes. This tip seems counterintuitive, but I recommend ordering the dessert first as an appetizer. You might not finish your entire meal now, but you can always take home left overs. But items like pancakes & beignets don’t reheat well and you’re much more likely to force feed those at the end of a meal. Prevent this by ordering them first.

McKay - I’m not a huge fan of paying $14 for 2 eggs & a piece of toast, so I generally lean towards some type of breakfast taco or breakfast skillet. I’ll choose ham just for a leaner cut of meat & when it comes to sides, I’ll skip the hash browns & go with fruit. 

Katie - Brunch is first of all about finding the place with the best coffee, so that’s key and where I’ll disperse a few extra calories to get something with cream and sugar. I like egg white omelets with lots of veggies and ham or chicken/turkey sausage and light cheese. I’ll order a carb on the side like toast or oatmeal (or a pancake if it’s a workout day!) I almost always ask for any sauce on the side when I go out to eat.