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Chick-Fil-A Breakfast

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MyoBrain Picks

Greg - Chick-n-minis w/honey, fruit cup & coffee.

The minis are hands down my favorite item, so I’m happy they’re macro-friendly. I’m definitely adding some honey to each mini, so the carb content will be slightly higher, but keeping the fat low is my main priority when eating out. I’ve yet to have their greek yogurt parfait, but seeing the macros on it makes me want to try it!

Katie - Chicken biscuit

There are few things I like better than a chicken biscuit, so if I have a high fat day I’ll go with that. Otherwise, the bacon, egg & cheese muffin or the egg white grill are great lower fat choices. I’ll splurge on an iced coffee with a splash of milk if I have the carbs.

McKay - Bacon, egg & cheese muffin with black coffee.

Nothing beats a good egg sandy! To save some fat I will replace the egg with an egg white.I think breakfast is an easier meal to track just due to simplistic food options compared to dinner, so if I’m on the road & know I’ll be going out to dinner, I will try & save a good chunk of macros for my dinner!


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