Eating Out Guides - Coffee Shop Edition


MyoBrain Picks

Greg - Regular coffee with 1-2 sugar free syrup pumps

If I’m feeling fancy, my go-to’s are a mocha or caramel macchiato with 1/2 the regular number of syrup pumps and no whip cream. My diet is normally high in carbs, so I’m mostly concerned about my coffees not having a ton of fat. You can save over 5g of fat just by not getting whip cream on a mocha.

Katie - Americano with light cream

I try to keep my drinks low in fat and am less concerned with the carb count, especially because I’m often drinking coffee before my training sessions. My go-tos are an Americano with light cream (I usually just have them leave room and put it in myself) and either sugar free vanilla or hazelnut flavor. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll get a latte with skim milk and whatever flavor sounds tasty that day.

McKay - Black coffee

I prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them, but when I want a little something extra, I’ll get a small almond milk latte, which is only around 10g carbs.


MyoBrain Picks

Greg - Turkey bacon egg white sandwich

I don’t often eat food at coffee shops, but if I do it will fall under the “green category”. If I’m going to splurge I’d much rather enjoy a cinnamon roll than a fatty sandwich..

Katie - Egg white, turkey/ham sandwich

I don’t usually grab food from coffee shops, but if I do I usually look for the lowest fat option. Anything with egg whites, turkey or ham are my first choice. The low-fat coffee cake from Starbucks is my favorite when they have it. Nothing beats a baked good and coffee combo.

McKay - Turkey bacon egg white sandwich

When in a pinch for food, coffee shop pastries tend to be loaded with calories. I try to stick with anything that has lower fat, moderate carbohydrate & a decent protein source! Starbucks turkey bacon egg sandwich is always a solid choice!