Healthy Hearts - Valentines Day Date Tips

Just when you thought the holiday season full of all-you-can-eat turkey and special edition Oreos was over, enter Valentine’s Day.

It certainly doesn’t match the munch magnitude of Thanksgiving or Christmas, but, as always, use moderation. If your loved one gifted you with chocolates, don’t feel the need to eat them in record time. But, like all holidays, the occasion should be about the people you love, not the food you love.

While there’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner and movie, maybe it’s time to spice up your holiday date. For instance, don’t underestimate how fun cooking a restaurant-worthy meal at home can be.

First, you’ll save money – a no-brainer for any college student. Second, it can easily be turned into something social with your significant other. You’ll have some quality one-on-one time as you shop together, cook together and eat dinner. Last, if you wanted to surprise your special guy or gal, what’s a better way than with breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner? Don’t worry if you’re not an iron chef. Most likely, the mere gesture of going through all the hard work will score you beaucoup brownie points.

Maybe food isn’t your forte, but are you the adventurous type? Save cuddling on the couch for nighttime. During the day, get out and have fun. Here are a few date ideas that will enhance your heart health almost as much as being in love:

Try a gym date, but keep it low to moderate intensity. Enjoy the workout, try each other’s favorite exercises and look into classes that interest both of you. Afterwards, relax with a muscle-relieving couples’ massage.

Get outside. Depending on your location and fitness level, a walk, jog, bike ride or even hiking are all great options. Being outside allows both of you to get away from all of life’s stressors. Enjoy the scenery, and have true one-on-one time.

For those night owl couples who enjoy the night-life, don’t forget how many calories are burned during dancing. Get out there and rip it up.

If you don’t have that special someone in your life at the moment, don’t spend V-Day alone with Russell Stover and Jack Daniel’s. That isn’t healthy for your body or your mind.

Use the day to catch up with the loved ones you’re fortunate enough to have. Change your perspective from what you don’t have to what you do. At the end of the day, remember that a healthy heart is a happy heart.