SPECIALIZES IN Nutrition consulting for fat loss and muscle gain


  • CrossFit L1 trainer at Crossfit HSC (2015-present)

  • Mentorship with Greg Farris of MyoBrain (2018)


  • NCI L1

  • CF L1


  • AAS Dental Assisting; licensed & registered periodontal surgical dental assistant (2014-present)

Competitive Experience

Golden days of high school gymnastics, diving, track & field

Started crossfit 2015, local competitor

Coaching Philosophies

I believe nutrition plays one of the most important roles in someone’s life, whether you are a competitive athlete, mom of 4, or someone in their 70’s chasing around 3 grandchildren. Everyone deserves the resources & guidance to better their health, which will better other aspects in their life. My goal while working with clients is to create sustainable habits, balance, set AND achieve some gnarly goals, while having fun of course ;) If I can guide someone in a healthier direction with their nutrition, that will stem into different parts of their life, which will make me one happy camper. “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” -Michael Hyatt


When someone asks what I like to do for fun, my answer 90% of the time includes something along the lines of  working out or eating (hehe). I fitness for fun & local weekend crossfit competitions feed my competitive side. While I’m not working in the dental office, coaching, or working out, I love enjoying time with family & friends! Nothing beats a good cup of coffee and a warm bowl of oats.