It's Not Supposed To Be Easy

Attempting to be proactive, I normally plan out and organize my blog pieces. Given the time of year, I planned on writing about eating during holidays and how to start off the new year primed for success. Blah, blah, blah. 

We've all heard that story.

I'm going to tell you something about your 2015 journey you may not like, but in 2016 you'll thank me for the primer. It's not supposed to be easy. 

Starting January 1st you're going to be bombarded with ads, personal trainers and even friends and family that will tell you it's easy. 

"Dear friends, I've been taking X supplement for 2 weeks and I feel amazing. All I do is drink these 3 shakes everyday and I've lost 10 lbs!!! I'm now a rep for the company, email me about purchases! It's easy and lifechanging!"

Whether your goal is to lose 50 lbs, quit smoking or enter a competition it's not going to be easy. In your heart you already know this, because nothing that gives us true satisfaction is easy.

It's not easy building and maintaining empowering relationships with friends and family. It's not easy graduating college with honors. It's not easy climbing up the professional ranks. And yet fitness professionals like myself are telling you to do it all - and get in shape this year. Even more, we have the audacity to say "Come on, it's easy, just follow my plan."

Leaving the bed and your significant other for the navy darkness and eerie quiet of 5am. Arriving at the gym to be greeted by half-awaken souls and cold barbells. The voices in your head that question your sanity after every rep hurts just as much as the last. 

You arrive to work feeling empowered, until you reach the stairs and each step makes you reevaluate your early morning workout. 

It's lunch time. Your co-workers invite you to Chik-fil-A, but you're strong willed and bound to stick to your diet. Being a good social creature, you join, but with tupperware in hand. A few minutes in the food court the aroma hits you. The fried, salty and sugary goodness. Your meal of beef and vegetables now resembles of the dull taste of rubber tires. 

A few feelings you'll have on day one...oh and this is just before 1pm. 

This is the harsh reality my self and others go through to reach our health and fitness goals. 

My knees hurt. I have to make social sacrifices. I don't eat what everyone else at the table does. I wake up/stay up later if I need to train. I have days I don't feel like training. I don't like preparing meals on Sunday.

Any honest individual will tell you the same. Not someone who just started some bullshit cleanse diet last week. Those who've done it for years know. It's every damn day. 

And all of this needs to be said. If you think your current or new journey is going to be easy, then you don't have a chance.

The fitness industry wants you to believe it's easy. They want you to believe you can drive a Mercedes with only the bank account to afford a Kia. You can't. If you want a body that others will admire you must do uncomfortable shit.

Was saving money for your new house easy? Was finally convincing your way too hot for you crush to become your girlfriend easy? No.

The difference is that we know those things going in. So when shit doesn't go as planned, we backup, re-evaluate and continue to pursue the goal. Fitness should be the same. You'll want to eat foods that aren't on your diet just like you wanted to buy that new HD TV when saving for your house. You'll want to stay up late watching Netflix instead of going to bed in order to get enough sleep. 

At this point, I'm making exercise and a healthy diet seem like an asshole. But my relationship with training and diet is analogous with others we can all relate to. 

You don't love your girlfriend every second of every day. When she nags you about leaving the toilet seat down for the tenth time this week you quickly remember how great the single life was. But those moments are quickly forgotten when you see her coy smile, light auburn hair and effortlessly styling sweatpants in the kitchen making you coffee in the morning.

My knees may hurt when I walk up stairs. I may have to ditch squats for weeks because of tendonitis, but when I load up a 400+ lb squat and smash a PR I quickly forget all those moments of doubt and wanting to quit. It's all worth it. 

In 2015 don't look for a quick fix. Embrace the struggle. Fuck easy. It's not supposed to be easy. articles are 100 percent free, but we do appreciate donations if you truly find the site helpful. Thank you for the support.