Eating Out Guides - Steakhouse

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MyoBrain Picks

Greg - One of my favorite meals of all-time is steak & shrimp. Pairing that with sweet potato fries is my staple at a steakhouse. If I was cutting I’d be down to get vegetables since they’re typically prepared well and taste better than what I make at home.

Katie - I usually get something like an 8oz sirloin with a baked potato and veggies on the side. My other go-to is a salad with protein with dressing on the side. I always make sure I have the carbs to eat a roll or two because the best part about steakhouses is the free bread!

McKay - Since I never really meal prep steak or seafood, I almost always lean towards getting sirloin & grilled shrimp when at a steakhouse! I always save room (macro wise) for sweet potato fries, because I know if I don't I will steal them off of someone’s plate!