Rory Stewart

"MyoBrain and working with Greg was one of the best decisions I have made. It was more than just numbers and tracking, it was education that helped me get my body looking and feeling better than ever. And now I know how to make better nutritional choices while still getting to do the fun things I enjoy doing with friends and family. "

Jennifer Marchbanks

Thanks so much for helping me meet my goals over the past 12 weeks. As a dietitian and my knowledge with so many fad diets out there I was so happy to work with another nutritional professional. I was taught carb counting in school, but not anything with tracking macros. So this was a learning opportunity for me. I was able to get down to my pre-baby weight and eating way more protein than I ever have. Counting macros are easy and I like that you don't have to cut out one certain food groups like fad diets my friends are doing. This is a true lifestyle change and makes you aware of what you are eating.

Casey Randall

Coming off a back injury I lost over 100 pound on my own and developed one giant eating disorder.  When you only cut calories turns out you plateau, then you cut some more calories, then plateau.  At some point this becomes your normal and you keep an apple in your purse on the off chance someone is going to comment about how they have not seen you eat anything that day...because they haven't and an apple only has about 45 calories in it. 

When I decided I wanted to try crossfit I learned very quickly that there is a high chance that you are going to pass out if you only eat an apple.  So I ate a lot, and I gained weight, and I freaked out.  I tried working with another nutritionist but the amount of time it took to get a response back left me nervous and I stopped eating again.

Not to be dramatic, but Myobrain saved me from this cycle.  He insists on check ins and if he does not hear from you, you hear from him.  It took some time but he did not just give me numbers and and pushed me out into the world.  You get real world suggestions that are easy to stick to, examples of what everything looks like, accountability without shaming when you get off track.  

I am never going to be on a podium wearing a Myobrain shirt, but he treated my program with the same care and consideration as those that will.  Gaining the knowledge of what I eat and what effect it will have on me, took away all the anxiety that I had about food.    

Taylor Sanders

I have always eaten whatever I want. To an extent. I know what is good and what is bad for me but I have never dieted. I never counted or even kept track of what I was eating during the day until I started dealing with macros. 

August of 2015, my appendix ruptured and I was misdiagnosed so I tiny problem became a HUGE problem. I got very, very sick! I lost 28 pounds in 12 days. I was gross. Ha. 

For the next few months I couldn't do anything active at all. I wanted to gain some weight back without getting fat! I heard about Greg, Myobrain and his whole macro thing so I decided to email him with some questions. 

I signed up with him and have been with Myobrain ever since. At first I hated it haha. I had to eat so much food. It was hard. But! I gained my weight back and didn't get fat...My goal. 

I still enjoy counting macros and knowing how much food I'm eating or not eating. It has really helped my performance in CrossFit. I eat more than I ever have. I'm strong, my energy level stays high and I still manage to stay lean. I love it! 

-2x CrossFit regional team competitor 

Matt Hinkley

As a gym owner and avid lifter I am constantly asked questions regarding nutrition. Greg has been vital in the development of my clients at Kansas City Strength & Conditioning. Several clients of mine have used MyoBrain over the past year and the clients that use Greg for nutrition consultations have progressed significantly more compared to my clients that don’t’.

Personally, using MyoBrain, I have been able to make substantial strides in regards to my body composition and physique. 12 Months ago I weighed in at 210 lbs. and my body fat percentage was around 15%; one year later & I now weigh 175 lbs. at roughly 6% body fat. I am lucky to call Greg my nutrition coach.

Derek McElroy


Working with Greg not only made me more aware of flexible eating, but also gave me the opportunity to share healthy eating ideas and alternatives to my clients and athletes. Since Greg brought MyoBrain into HomeBase our performances and body compositions have taken a positive change and has made a positive impact on our community. Greg's knowledge and his ability to make healthy eating fun is effective and educational. Thank you MyoBrain!

-CrossFit gym owner

Luke Anderson

One of the things I really liked about the program was how organized they were. It felt like I was able to pick up on the system, and once I figured it out I could continue to hit my macros and see instant results!! There wasn't really anything I didn't like. I am a visual learner and there were many things on the program as well as things that you sent me additionally. It was very efficient! I love your business and thanks for all the help you have given me!!

-University of Missouri Baseball Commit 

Debbie Munson

I've been overweight most of my adult life.  About four years ago, I successfully lost nearly 50 lbs by following the paleo diet.  Around this time, I also joined a Crossfit gym.  With the support of the Crossfit community and the avoidance of "non-paleo" foods, I was able to keep it off.  

Then life happened.  I started to miss some of the foods I used to eat.  They started to creep back into my diet and the pounds started to creep back.  My clothes stopped fitting and I didn't like what was happening to my body.  

Greg came to my gym and talked about flexible dieting.  He told us that no food should be off limits.  He talked about the importance of eating a good balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat).    

As a birthday gift, my husband agreed to let me sign up for nutrition consulting.  Greg met with me to answer all my questions and set me up with a plan.  I was able to see results right away!  As long as I followed his plan, I did very well.  

The great thing about MyoBrain, is that he has also built a very fun community that answers your random questions and provides support.  I've made some new friends as a result!  

I highly recommend giving this a try.  If you can follow instructions, you can succeed at flexible dieting.  I've been able to develop positive and healthy eating habits and I am more mindful of how I put together a meal.   

Jessica Brewer

       I met Greg Farris back in college at Emporia State University. Like many new and young health professionals I was extremely narrow minded about the whole fitness industry and could not fathom how “flexible” dieting could possibly be a right way to get healthy. After competing my first bodybuilding show nearly two years ago, following a typical cookie-cutter diet and exercise routine, I finally decided there had to be another way.        

        Greg finally convinced me to join MyoBrain and I don’t know why I ever waited! That’s when I finally jumped on the flexible dieting. He is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and hands on in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. He’s more than just another person with a degree and certification claiming to be an expert. 
       Upon joining, my initial goals were to become more knowledgeable about DUP exercise programming, increase strength, and also improve body composition. Since working with Greg my strength, form and body composition have all made significant improvements all the while being extremely flexible with my nutrition. We have a plan to work towards another bodybuilding show in the near future, and I cannot think of any person I would trust more than Greg Farris and the MyoBrain team!

Stephen Hall

Greg Farris is not just an intelligent coach that understand the science and the importance of flexibility when it comes to health & fitness, he's also a true gent and humble coach. With Greg's guidance I can focus on other areas of my life, knowing I am in secure hands, this is invaluable to me. Currently under 20 weeks out from my first natural bodybuilding show, doing 1 cardio session a week, eating almost 3000 calories and I can still go away on holiday with my girlfriend. That's enough evidence that Greg is a terrific coach and I hope to replicate his skills in my own coaching.

Austin Latture

My goal was simple, to get stronger. Over the past 4 months Greg has helped me increase my meet deadlift by 66 lbs (385 to 451) and squat  35 lbs (370 to 405.) In addition to great programming Greg and team MyoBrain have helped build my confidence alongside my strength. A benefit not typically seen in the strength coach job description and is what, for me, makes MyoBrain the place to be. 

Joey Lombardi

I began working with Greg with 8 weeks left of my prep for my physique show. I expressed I wanted to compete in powerlifting as well as being up lagging body parts after my show. I've been 3 months post competition and my strength is shooting up like crazy, seems like every training session I hit a PR. Greg customizes everything toward your needs and is extremely hands on. Gives you all the tools to succeed and reach your goals. I am extremely happy I came across Greg at Myobrain!