“When I first signed up with Greg I was completely oblivious to what counting macros meant or looked like – all I knew was a girl that I worked out with counted them and she looked amazing so I was interested. I work out 6-7 days a week and while I felt like I was in pretty good shape before, I did not feel like I looked it and was not toning like I wanted. I knew I probably needed to lose 8-12 pounds to see the results I was hoping for. Greg was extremely helpful in explaining how the program worked and understanding my goals. Within the first week of starting his program I immediately starting feeling better. I started having more energy during my workouts, sleeping better (and I never thought I had an issue before) and started to realize how much I was snacking previously without even realizing it. Greg had a lot of helpful videos and feedback to guide me through different social events I had going on so I could still live my life and reach my fitness and weight loss goals at the same time. Eight weeks later and I feel like a different person. I lost the weight I wanted to, started to show the definition I had been looking for and now feel like I actually understand what “eating well” means and looks like. The best part about Greg and Myobrain is that the program is sustainable. I didn’t starve or deprive myself and still saw results. There is still progress I would like to make to achieve the lean look I desire. And for once I feel motivated and encouraged that it is possible because of the things I learned through this program. Signing up with Greg & MyoBrain was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and I cannot recommend their program enough!”