“I contacted Greg because I was so frustrated with the changes, or lack there of, in my body after years of being a dance studio owner, runner, and now Crossfitter. I was becoming stronger in my work outs and lifting but just not seeing any changes in my body composition or muscle mass. “Soft Skinny” is the word everyone chose for me. My self esteem was bottomed out and I couldn’t understand how everyone else could change their bodies but not me. Greg put me on a nutrition program and did my programming, and I have followed it almost exactly for 6 months. Obviously I have made a few bad food choices over the months, but this only works if you do what he says. I also had shoulder surgery the month after I started with him and he modified and scaled my programming perfectly. I truly had no idea the changes that had occurred until I did my side by side pictures. I am so grateful for Myobrain and what it has done for me in terms of strength, confidence, and body changes and can’t wait to see the changes yet to come!”